Hi, I’m Caroline

A wedding videographer in Plymouth

FMP - Caroline Tuck

Who is the person behind the camera at FMP? My name is Caroline although some call me Kaz, and will often joke that I also respond to ‘oi video lady!’ at weddings! FMP has been my pride and joy since 2013, but usually I tend to be hidden away while filming or holed up in my office editing, so I thought it was about time to properly introduce myself.

First things first, how did I end up as a wedding videographer….? 

I love movies and always have done, everything from old hammer horror movies with scream queens, cult classics such as American beauty and of course who doesn’t love a decent super hero film along with everything in between! In fact, one of my earliest memories is family film nights. My parents would rent a mystery video, and my sister and I would try to guess what film they picked as we munched excitedly on snacks.

Always being the odd one out I went to art college after school, now I can’t draw, sculpt or paint to save my life but once there I realised I could do digital art! I could pick up a camera, go out filming and create something amazing in an edit suite. I loved it!

So what does this have to do with FMP

Well, being born and raised right next to Dartmoor meant I didn’t want to leave and travel to work up country in either the tv or film industry. That meant I had to find a way to use my love of my films to create a career for myself down in the southwest. Yet again I become the odd one out of my friends when they got regular jobs and settled down, I decided to branch out alone and create my own company!

So that’s the roots of how FMP was born, I knew it would be hard work but never did I realise I would end up utterly loving my little wedding videography company so much!

Working in the wedding industry can mean very long and hours and late night finishes, so when I’m not working I can usually be found unwinding with my nose deep in a good fantasy book, working my way through a Netflix movie marathon with my fiancé and the cat or out and about walking in the nearby woods around Plymouth with my enormous white German shepherd!