Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should we have a Videographer?

In the words of Dr Seuss ‘You’ll never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory!’

You spend many months planning the best day of your life and yet when that day comes, so many brides say it flies by! However, if you hire a videographer to capture your day you will make sure that nothing can be forgotten. Your wedding film will tell the story of your special day for you to keep and pass on through the family. Just imagine watching it with your children in years to come, as they plan their own big day!

Why should we pay for a professional wedding videographer?

You may know a friend or family member with a camera who says they can film your day for you, BUT just as you would want a professional to do your flowers, cake and everything else you should also have a professional videographer. Here at Focused Memory Productions we have the equipment, experience and creative skills to capture and edit your wedding, turning it into a beautiful film.

Can we meet before we decide to book you?

Of course! We always offer and encourage our couples to have a consultation with us before you book; this way you can make sure that you will feel comfortable with us filming your wedding as this is a very important decision!

When should we book with you?

As soon as possible is our advice as we can only film one wedding per day, around the same time you book your photographer is a good rule of thumb! We may take on last minute bookings, but we do get booked up in advance very quickly over the main season of May to September!

Where do you cover, and are there any extra charges for travel?

We cover the whole of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and parts of Dorset. Our packages are all inclusive so there are no hidden extra charges, and we also offer our consultations free of charge!

We have already booked a photographer, how well will you work with them?

We have worked with a variety of photographers over the years, we will always get in touch with them before the big day to introduce ourselves. On the day itself we work very closely with the photographer, you have paid us both to be there and capture your day so we always work with this in mind!

Will the filming be discreet?

During the ceremony we will always film from fixed positions so that we don’t intrude, afterwards we have found it best to capture the natural atmosphere of your wedding day and see not only yourselves relax and smile but your guests as well! There may be a little bit of gentle direction when we are with the photographer capturing your couple scenes but this will only be in order to make full use of whichever location you have chosen.

Can we choose our own music for the films?

Yes and no, this comes down to copyright laws. As an official company we are bound to abide by the law in terms of using copyrighted music. We will choose the music for the highlights film because this will go online for friends and family to watch, we base the choice on each couple. This way you will have a song that is just for you and your wedding! However we are able to obtain a blanket copyright license for music on DVDs, this means we can use any music you wish for your main feature film.

How long will our film be?

This depends on many factors such as the package you choose; as this determines how much of your day we will film. For packages which include speeches, these alone can be anywhere between 10 and 40 minutes! There are also factors outside of our control; however, the feature film will always be a minimum of 20 minutes.

How long will it take to get our films?

We usually say between ten and twelve weeks from the date of your wedding, and once we have your final music choices for the feature film. We will never rush the editing process, as this is where we turn the footage into a beautiful film that you will love.

Can we get all the raw footage that you filmed?

We don’t offer raw footage to our couples as this means all the footage straight from the camera with no editing, we usually film with editing in mind and will often have several takes on some shots in order to get it just right.

Can you also do photography?

We are filmmakers, not photographers even though our kit can also be used for photography we have not been trained to do so! This is why we have teamed up with Bruckshaw Photography to offer you a joint videography AND photography package. This way you get two specialists capturing your day who always work well with each other and have complementary styles!