Yes I know I really should probably stop stealing my blog post titles from songs and films, but who can guess which Halloween film this one is from?

It’s that time of the year when you wake up to leaves falling from the trees and sunlight glints on frosty grass, the days may have a chill in the air but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate in style! Use those stunning rich colours as the perfect accents to your wedding, think steaming glasses of spicy mulled wine as an alternative to your reception drinks after the ceremony – perfect to keep your guests warm while the photos are being taken! Last month I wrote about using dried leaves for confetti as an eco-friendly option, you can extend that further and use full leaves for name places written in gold and use extras for table decoration. Autumn really is perfect for those DIY and crafty brides who want to sort their own decoration to help out with the budget, another simple option is to gather your bridesmaids and go on a pinecone hunt for a simple name place stand!

By now I’m sure you have gathered from my blog posts throughout this year, there is no such things as a bad time of the year to get married! Every season has its own advantages, and its own beauty you can incorporate into your special day.

Of course, there is also another big inspiration for October weddings…. Halloween! Personally, I love Halloween because I love a good old fashioned monster movie, honestly it’s not because I have an absolute sweet tooth! This is a great chance for all those Rock ‘n’ Roll alternative brides who might want something a bit different for their special day and don’t quite feel comfortable in a traditional white. Black velvet suits for the boys, dark rich colours for the girls, and now more than ever a range of choice for non-white wedding dresses! Pumpkins and candles make for easy decoration, you can even unleash the bridal party to each carve up a spooky pumpkin or two to get everyone involved. Not to mention in the evening you can get everyone up and dancing to the monster mash, why not put this song after your first dance as a dance floor ice breaker!

Two years ago I finally had a booking for a Halloween wedding, and oh my did they do it in style! The bride chose to stay at the Jamaica Inn the night before her wedding, a notorious old smuggling pub with a history of ghosts where she then got ready for her big day in the morning. Then it was off to Carnglaze Caverns, it was here bathed in candle light and love the couple exchange vows and rings because sealing their marriage with a kiss. Here you can see a small taste of their wedding day:

Spooky can be romantic too, after all who wouldn’t want to be adored the same way Gomez adores Morticia in the Adams Family! Now that is true love, and I bet they would have had a Halloween wedding too!

Caroline x