With my second blog post I am determined to carry on with some positivity in this uncertain time, especially since for many this spring is currently bittersweet as the beautiful sun is shining down while they have had to postpone their wedding.

I want to talk about some of the things I love when it comes to Spring weddings, because at the end of the day this will pass and you will still get married. Maybe not this year but think of it as an extra year to plan something truly special, use the time for something good like saving up for the special extra touch you always wanted but couldn’t quite justify with all the other costs! For example, I do often hear my couples say they were desperate to book a wedding videographer but needed to make sure they had enough left over in the budget for a really good one 😉

Flowers, flowers… flowers everywhere! Spring is full of natural beauty starting off with daffodils swaying in the breeze to bluebells later on in April and May and let’s not forget if you keep an eye out for some gorgeous soft blossom trees you could have yourself a natural confetti shot with your brand new spouse – falling blossom petals look absolutely stunning on film and just so romantic. You can also be sure to find me lying or crouched on the ground as I am trying to frame my shot to include those gorgeous spring flowers, being a wedding videographer to me means doing whatever it takes to get my couples beautiful footage however I can!

Spring time is also a great excuse to indulge in some beautiful soft pastel colours, for example you simply can’t go wrong with your bridesmaids in pink for a spring wedding, this colour provides the perfect background so that your riot of flowers will really pop! Or you could have mint green dresses and keep things simple with a gentle spray of gypsophila, honestly your options for colours are absolutely endless without having to worry about clashing. You can also use pastels as a second colour to take away from a darker main colour, for example navy bridesmaids with pale pink – this also works really well so that mums can other guests can be included in the wedding colours without drowning everyone in the same colour! Take a look at Libby & Matt’s Highlight film to see how they made the most of pastel colours and spring flowers to add some simply and stunning soft touches to their special day:


Another often overlooked bonus for Spring time weddings is the early nights, while many would associate sparklers with Autumn more commonly, I am a complete sucker for all things shiny and fun and will always encourage couples who book me to capture their wedding video to make the most of their day! Who says you can’t have sparklers for a march wedding? That’s exactly what James and Liv did when they got married on 14th March, needless to say it went down a treat with their guests!


Hopefully by now you might have a few more ideas to help you on your way with planning your beautiful Spring time wedding, and don’t forget if your planning is going on slightly longer than you originally hoped it will all be worth it and I hope you can use the additional time to add some beautiful extra special touches.

Caroline x