This is going to be a very short, sweet and important post.

Today is the day we are once again going into lockdown, and this means no more weddings. Don’t get me wrong I am heart broken, and it took me a few days to come to terms with this after having finally getting the chance to get out and about doing what I love. It’s honestly devastating to have to pack them all away again. That devastation isn’t just for me as a wedding videographer, but for every couple out there who were meant to be getting married.

Not only do we have another ban on weddings, but once again there is no roadmap for our industry afterwards. I say this not to get political, but because I know this will leave many couples in the dark and feeling uncertain. I have two things to say to you:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with postponing your wedding until 2022, when hopefully we will be on the other side of this. You are not in the wrong for still wanting to plan your dream wedding, with as many of your friends and family as you want. You should not feel guilty for wanting your wedding to be a big party, to kick start your married life. We are in the middle of a horrible pandemic, BUT it is so important to remember that we all need something to hope for and to look forward to.

Equally, there is also nothing with going choosing to just get married no matter the restrictions. I have already written a blog post on the advantages of having a small intimate wedding, so I won’t go over those points again and repeat myself. I have been so lucky to film a few micro weddings this autumn, which I completely adored and felt honoured to be a part of. It’s fantastic knowing that those couples will get something positive out of all of this, no not just a wedding ring! They will get to finish this year as husband and wife, which is amazing.

At the end of the day, there is no absolute right and wrong answer when it comes to your wedding. It’s about what is best for you both. Don’t let other people sway your decision, it’s not their marriage.

Caroline x