It’s that start of May, and for me that would usually mean the first month (and usually one of the busiest!) of main wedding season. I know there will be many of my own couples, as well as others who might be reading this, will be feeling postponed wedding blues. So, this is a post to all the couples who have had to postpone their special day, to hopefully give you some ideas on keeping positive and still having a celebration day!

1/. Plan ahead! – when you do your weekly shop, keep your original wedding date in mind and don’t forget to add a bottle of bubbly or your favourite drink(s) to the shopping trolley. If prosecco isn’t your thing, why not have some fun doing some research and adding a few bits to make your own cocktails. You could even have this served as a special cocktail at your wedding!

2/. Have an indoor date! – As soon as you both wake up, make sure you get dressed up for the day. Use your daily exercise for a romantic walk if possible. Think about a couple’s lunch or brunch, you can make it extra special by ordering an afternoon tea! This is also a fantastic way to help support your local cafes/restaurants, that night be struggling for business during the lockdown)

3/. Family – Although a wedding is the Bride and Grooms special day, it’s also a day for two families coming together as one. Why not try and arrange a big video chat with both sides of the family, you could also have a fun one with your bridal party. You can make it a fun video party by getting everyone to join in with trying to make up a cocktail, or giving your creation a go at their home to see what they think! I really do think that it’s so important to remain connected with loved ones in difficult times these, and if we can’t go and see them we can at least tell them how much we miss them and have a chat.

4/. Food is love – This also slightly falls under point one with planning ahead, if your still hungry after your afternoon tea why not think about having some fun by jointly cooking a meal. If you had a special menu planned, you could always try and make your own versions. It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect, or if you make a mess you will still have fun and that’s the most important thing!

5/. Movie night cuddles – Who doesn’t love a good cuddle while watching a favourite movie, make sure though to turn your phones off so you’re not letting the outside world in for just a little bit.

6/. Gifts – I know many couples buy each other little gifts for the morning of the wedding which is usually personalised with the date, don’t let these go to waste as I would say to still exchange them as it will show your partner how much you love them and that you are always thinking about them.

7/. Dancing in your living room – So this may sound a bit odd and might not be for everyone, but why not finish the day by dimming the lights and playing your first dance song. You could always use this as a chance to practice some romantic twirls (these always look beautiful AND impressive in your wedding video!) If you have a routine planned, or your thinking of planning one then use it as a chance to practice. If you’re like me and have two left feet, then just take the time to hold each other close and sway on the spot.

My heart really does go out to every single couple who have had to postpone their wedding, I know how hard it must be to try and stay positive especially for those who are still waiting for a date to rebook. It’s for this very reason that I am saying use the day as an excuse to spoil yourselves, and make it a celebration of your relationship and love for each other!

Caroline x