Corona Virus – An unwelcome guest…

It’s a brand new day, and I have taken the plunge into finally starting a blog for FMP… Yay!

So given the current circumstances the world and the wedding industry is facing right now I thought it would be best to kick off my first ever blog by talking about some of the advice I have been offering to my couples.

Before I begin though I just want to say that this will pass, you are still in love, still engaged and planning your wedding which is really important to remember. You will get married!!!

First those who are either having to or are considering postponing their wedding, I would like to suggest thinking about choosing a Friday or even a mid-week date if you still want to get married in 2020. I know for many of you this idea wouldn’t initially be ideal or very appealing, however there will be many couples in the same position as well as those who have already booked their weekend wedding for the autumn/winter months this year. Hopefully with a mid-week date you will be more likely to keep all of your current suppliers, rather than having to again find new ones.

Please let all of your suppliers know asap that you are considering a postponement, and check whether they are happy to simply move your date over – I am not charging any additional fees or charges for my couples. In order to save time going back and forth with everyone it’s best to ask your church and or venue for a short list of available dates, you can then pass this over to your suppliers and hopefully find a date that either everyone or most suppliers can do for you.

Finally, let’s talk about the ceremony itself. With weddings in the autumn and winter months you can get some beautiful sunsets and evenings which are perfect for sparklers, however you do also need to consider that the drawback to this are the early dark evenings. If you are unable to get the time or even date that you want from the registrars it might be worth while looking into having a celebrant for the big day with all your friends and family around you, and then either beforehand or afterwards having the legal ceremony with just witnesses at your registry office. The great side to this is that your ceremony will be completely personal to you!

I know it’s a stressful and worrying time, months and years of planning and now you might feel like you’re having to start again, but don’t panic your suppliers are here to help and we will do what we can for you. At the end of the day this will pass, you will get married and love will always be triumphant!


Caroline x