Great song for the title, but I must admit I actually love September especially for the weddings and wouldn’t really want to sleep through them!

So, what’s so good about September weddings? So many reasons! Here are some of my favourite along with a few tips to make the most of this beautiful month for your special day.

Autumn usually brings chilly mornings and evenings, sandwiching a day of rich sunshine. This means wrapping up warm! A great excuse to buy your bridal party some fun matching dressing gowns and slippers, your videographer and photographer can use these for some fun morning shots. You may want to provide some fleecey blankets for your guests to snuggle up in, these don’t have to be expensive and you can buy colours to match your theme. For something different why not look into offering a hot rich glass of mulled wine or cider for your welcome drink, you can go for either alcoholic or non-alcoholic to suit everyone’s needs! Perfect for keeping your guests warm and toasty while outside taking the group photos! If you want to keep with an autumn theme for the whole day, pine cones make for great decoration, and top it off with some toffee apples for an unusual sweet favour!

Speaking of photos, why not do something a bit different and as an added bonus environmentally friendly by changing up your confetti! Since I’m both a supplier and a bride to be I of course have hit up Pinterest for some Autumn wedding ideas, and caught my eye on some beautiful home-made dried leaf confetti. Now I know up front that doesn’t sound exciting… dried leaves… but go ahead and google! If done properly it will really make for a stunning Autumn wedding statement. If you don’t fancy sing whole leaves, you can even get your bridesmaids involved beforehand and buy some confetti punchers to create lots of beautiful shapes to fill up cones. Just imagine a gentle cascade of rich browns and golds fluttering down as your guest’s cheer, it’s something that will stand out from anyone else’s confetti shots!

Moving on towards evening and one of my biggest reasons for loving September, those beautiful sunsets! I can’t resist them, and will always encourage couples to head on out after their meal and speeches for some time away from their guests to jut bathe in the stunning glow. All the big, scary formal parts of the day are done so you’re more likely to be relaxed, which makes it the perfect time to get some more beautiful footage. There’s a reason why wedding videographers and photographers call it the golden hour J

After the sun has set and you have swayed together for your first dance, there’s still plenty you can do to make the most of autumn. As the sun sets earlier that means it’s a great excuse to breakout some sparklers in the evening! Again, as most of my couples will tell you I love sparklers, I’m always happy to help organise your guests into a tunnel or we can just gather everyone outside and let loose the inner child waving them around – safely of course! If your venue has access to firepits they make for lovely cosy quiet spots, and you can top it off by providing some wooden kebabs and marshmallows. If your venue doesn’t have a firepit that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on that gooey stick treat, there are companies who can provide a mobile s’mores bar!

Even if you don’t want to have an Autumn themed wedding, I’m sure you can see there are so many fantastic ways to subtly include this gorgeous month and use it to make the most of your special day!

Caroline x