Time to turn that frown upside down, let’s think positive and celebrate that 2020 will be the year of elopements and intimate weddings!

I know that many couples are still looking to postpone their special day, after all they have spent years planning their special day and they want all their family and friends there to see it in person. And while I love a large guest list, and dancing late into the night (I have caught my fair share of cracking dance moves on candid camera!) I also know that a big white wedding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…. And that’s ok!

So what’s so good about having a small wedding right now?

It could be a great chance for those who don’t really feel comfortable being the centre of attention, less guests also means less pressure if you’re feeling anxious. No more worrying about whether you will upset the 50 aunts, uncles and cousins you have combined but rarely speak to, take the guilt away from being brutal about your guests list and just have the people who mean the most to you.

Just think of the money you will save by having such a small number of guests, and cutting down all the extras. As a bride to be myself I know how easy it can be to tempted to get carried away by all the things you can have for a wedding, all the entertainments and personalised bits and pieces. As nice as they are though, for many it also means so many daunting decisions which can all go out the window for a stress-free day. Put that money instead to go on an amazing honeymoon next year, or even save for a deposit on a house.

If anyone does grumble about missing it, then you could always say the money you will save can go towards an amazing videographer and promise to let them all watch the stunning wedding video afterwards! For many couples they put a videographer at the bottom of their list of priorities due to budgets, but I think that now more than ever having a wedding video is so so important! Ok that is a little bit self-promoting but can you really blame me? 😉

Another positive for planning a wedding this year, means you will have such a large choice of suppliers. Book the photographer whose work you fell in love with, have the hair stylist who was already booked on your original date. With so many weddings from this year having been postponed, there will be many suppliers free for you to choose from.

Use it as an excuse to throw the rules out of the window! Have that fabulous and slightly quirky wedding dress you always wanted, without fear of what people will think. Go for a relaxed causal look for the guys if the groom doesn’t feel comfortable in a full suit. Do you, and be fabulous! At the end of the day if you do decide you want something bigger for friends and family at a later date, there is nothing to stop you from digging out your dress again and have a massive party on your first anniversary!

A small wedding right now isn’t for everyone, and that’s also ok! But I just want you to know, there is always a silver lining to each cloud.

Caroline x