Serious brownie points if you can correctly finish this month’s blog title!

It’s coming to the end of July which means warm sunny days, hot BBQ’s with cold cider, long walks and at last a feeling of hope for the return of weddings. Yes the government may have allowed them starting on the 4th, but for many it was not the kind of wedding they had been dreaming of and planning for so long.

When I first sat down to write this blog I wanted to talk about what couples are finally allowed to do on their wedding days, but as I tried to write nothing felt quite right. Not to mention, it’s there for anyone to read and I would just be recycling what we all know by now. So instead while there is finally some truly good news for the wedding industry, and more to hopefully come, I want to take a bit of time to just talk to all of my brides and grooms.

I have spent much of this down time trying to offer all the help and support to my couples as I can to aid their postponements, I didn’t want to take away from your stress by talking about how difficult it has also been for my company. I always knew starting up and running my FMP would be difficult, but it’s what I wanted to do and very soon it became the only choice for me because I loved it so much. I knew some years would be more difficult than others for various reasons, but never did I or anyone else think we would end up with a year like 2020 suffering through Covid19.

With all of that in mind, what I want to say is a simple thank you. Thank you for helping me keep FMP going, whether that’s through putting up a recommendation, liking and commenting on posts or by reading this blog…. Even though it might be something you barely think about, each of those small actions has meant the world to me not only because it helps keep FMP visible to future brides and grooms who are looking for a videographer. It has also meant the world to me because it shows that you care, and want FMP to be around next year and the year after that.

Finally, to those of you who have gone back and forth with me in what may have felt like endless emails or messages to make sure I will have your new date available, you are the best couples a wedding videographer could wish for! I have been so touched by some of your words, and the determination to keep me as your videographer. I know it’s still a difficult time right now, but I cannot wait until 2021 when I can break out my equipment and be there to capture each and every one of your weddings.

So thank you to all of you wonderful brides and grooms, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Caroline x

P.S. it finishes with “Over at the Frankenstein Place!” because who doesn’t love a cult classic!